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Naudotojų vertinimas Publication Detail Portlet Assessing the effects of extreme nutrients scenarios in European rivers for the ecosystem status of the Mediterranean Sea Putting the marine modelling framework to work - Tyrimas ES leidiniai Leidinio metaduomenys The main objective for the development of the Nfp parinktys Modelling Framework MMF at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is the creation of a tool that allows evaluation of the impacts of policy options on the environmental status of EU regional seas.

As the program of measures from MS are still not available, the JRC marine modelling team designed a set nfp parinktys simulations to test the potentialities of the MMF to simulate the effects of different eutrophication scenarios in EU rivers.

The nfp parinktys scenario consists in a total clean-up of inorganic nutrients from the freshwater and constitutes an nfp parinktys lower boundary for any management strategy that could be implemented regarding freshwater quality in Europe.

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By comparing MMF simulations with the full nutrient loads in the rivers with this alternative scenario, the impact of allochthonous river-borne fertilization on Mediterranean ecosystems could be analyzed and quantified.