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Best holiday apartment I have ever stayed. Highly recommend.

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Raheel Lots of sleeping accommodation Well stocked kitchen And bathroom Donna Didžioji Britanija Great location for the tube system and local restaurants and supermarkets. I found evening free parking in nearby streets rom 4.

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David Didžioji Britanija The apartment is in good lon sort variantų skirtumas, the metro station is just in the other site of the street. There is a supermarket open 24 hours and a Lidl close to. The rooms are spacious, beds are comfortable and the kitchen has good equipment. Joana Portugalija This is a more modern apartment which has all the amenities you would want in such accommodation.

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The description "deluxe" could be read as hyperbole - the flat is probably better than most in London. Yes, we had the inevitable stair climb with heavy suitcases but the stairs were wide and well lit.

Nemokamas belaidis internetas 10,0 The room was very clean and the décor was super funky. We didn't know what to expect when booking, everything was London-themed. The bathroom was spacious. You could fit 6 people in the shower if you're feeling freaky : Cannot think of anything wrong for the night we stayed.

There were 2 bedrooms which was handy as we could use the second for suitcases and to sort out five weeks of collecting souvenirs, mementos etc. Paolo Ramona was so kind end the Apartment tidy and clan.

А сам ты бывал когда-нибудь внутри Модуля Познания.

Daniele Italija Host Romana was amazing and incredibly accommodating! Clean and walk to tube only 8 minutes.

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Supermarket next door and plenty of places to eat close by. Cherrie Australija Small appartament, clean and in a very good position.

Proveržį grill maisto srityje padaręs restoranas kas gerą pusmetį atveriantis naujos vietos duris ir ten suburiantis bei išlaikantis pastovią klientūrą, bando paneigti susiformavusį įspūdį, esą tinklinis restoranas privalo nusileisti kokybe, yra sustabarėjęs ir geba augti tik kiekybiškai. Šioje vietoje, berods pirmojoje iš tinklo, norint užsirezervuoti stalelį, nereikia mokėti užstato.

We spent 4 days lon sort variantų skirtumas this appartament, 4 adults and 3 children Marco Italija The apartment was spotlessly clean, bright and airy and the location was perfect for our needs. It had a really modern feel to it with really comfortable beds.

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Karen Loved staying here so convenient to the tube station and other ways of transport.