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Symptoms When you use Microsoft Office programs, you notice that visual features differ from one computer to another. For example, you see animations in Excel when you scroll through a worksheet on one computer, but you do not see the same animations on another computer.

Additionally, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms that reduce the functionality of an Office program: An Office program is blurry. Your screen flickers or flashes.

An Office program is either mostly all white or all black. Text in your document is not displayed well. Your Office grafikos parinktis crashes. The performance of an Office program other than startup and shutdown is reduced.

In Microsoft Lync, there may be video delays or slowness when you are on a video call.

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Cause You may experience these symptoms if you have a video configuration on your computer that is incompatible with the Office feature set that is responsible for displaying the application and for animations in the application. Office and later versions use a more efficient and accelerated method to draw the Office UI and the content.

This includes relying on hardware acceleration, which is managed through the operating system. The grafikos parinktis acceleration function of the operating system relies on up-to-date and compatible dvejetainių opcijų signalizacijos strategija drivers.

Note Hardware acceleration that uses the video card is always disabled when Office is running in a Remote Desktop session, and also when the application is started in safe mode. grafikos parinktis

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Resolution The resolution varies depending on your version of Windows and the symptom you are experiencing. Otherwise, skip to the next section titled All Other Symptoms. Windows 10, Windows 8. Select Adjust ClearType Text. If you are still experiencing a grafikos parinktis after grafikos parinktis adjust the ClearType settings, go to Step 2.

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While this provides optimal spacing, you may prefer the appearance of pixel-snapped text for a minor improvement in contrast. To disable the sub-pixel positioning feature in Word or Wordfollow these steps. On the File tab, click Options. Click Advanced.

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Under the Display group, clear the Use the subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen option. Click OK. If you are still experiencing a problem after you turn off the sub-pixel text rendering setting, re-enable the Use the subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen setting, and then go to Step 3.

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If you grafikos parinktis using Windows 7, install the update for improving video-related components that is available in the following Knowledge Base article: Platform update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server R2 SP1 If the previous steps did not resolve the "Poorly Displayed Text in Office Documents" symptom, continue to troubleshoot your grafikos parinktis by using the steps in the next section.

For all other symptoms Update your video driver The best way to update your video driver is to run Windows Update to grafikos parinktis whether a newer driver is available for your computer. Click Change PC Settings.

Display issues in Office client applications

In the PC settings app, click Windows Update. Click Check for updates now.

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Grafikos parinktis updates are available, click the driver that you want to install, and then click Install. Windows 7 Type Windows Update in the Search programs and files box.

In the search results, click Check for updates.

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If your video-related problems in Office were fixed by when you updated your video driver, you do not have to take grafikos parinktis further steps. Go to step 2 if updating the video driver does not fix the problems. Note Video card manufacturers frequently release updates to their drivers to improve performance or to fix compatibility issues with new programs. If you do not find an updated video driver for your computer through Windows Update and must have the latest driver for your video card, go to the support or download grafikos parinktis of your video card manufacturer's website for information about how to download and install the newest driver.

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More Information Automatic disabling of hardware acceleration for some video cards By default, hardware acceleration is automatically disabled in Office programs if certain video card and video card driver combinations are detected when you start grafikos parinktis Office program.

If hardware acceleration is automatically disabled by the program, nothing indicates that this change occurred. However, if you update your video card driver and it is more compatible with Office, hardware acceleration is grafikos parinktis reenabled.

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Therefore, if you do not see the same animation functionality on one computer that you see on another computer, we recommend that you update your video driver by using the instructions provided in the "Update your video driver" section. If you still do not see the expected animation on your computer, update your video driver again soon.

Microsoft is working with the major video card manufacturers on this issue, and these video card manufacturers will be releasing new video drivers as such drivers are developed. However, the same video combination on Windows 8 does not have animations disabled because of grafikos parinktis improved video capabilities in Grafikos parinktis 8.

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